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Pharmaceutical Machinery

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  1. Mini Rotary Tablet Press

    venus New LAB TabXpress Lab Scale Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press Technical Specification Model VM-LAB-8 D VM-LAB-10 B VM-LAB-12 D-B-BB Number of Stations 8 10 12/12 Type of Tooling D B D-B-BB Output - Tablets/Hr.1000 TO 14,400 1,000 TO 18,400 1,000 TO 21,600 Turet RPM (Min. / Max)10 - 40.10 - 40.10 - 40.Max. Operating Pressure 6 Tons.6 Tons.6 Tons.Max. Tablet Dia.20 mm 16 mm 22 mm Maximum Depth of fill 20 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm Power 3 HP X 1440 RPM X 415 V. X 50 Hz
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  2. Oscillating Granulator Machine

    Oscillating Granulators is a self obtained portable unit useful for High speed granulating, pulverizing, mixing and size reduction of a wide range of wet and raw materials. The Multi mill operates on the principle of variable force swing beaters having both knife and impact edges rotating within a selected screen to get the required size reduction.
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  3. Blister Packing Machine

    VENUS Machinery Model - VApck
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  4. Roll Compactor

    Venus Machinery Model : 100/25 , 200/50, 200/75, 200/100, 200/150
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  5. Single Side Rotary Tablet Press

    Model:- VPM-12,VPM-16,VPM-20,VPM-22 No. of Station:- 12 stn ,16 stn,20 stn,22 stn .Tooling :- Bolus / Slugging,"D,"
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  6. Rapid Mixer Granulator

    Venus Rapid Mixer Granulator Models : 10 Ltrs to 400 Ltrs
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  7. Venus Tablet Making Machine

    Model VPM-D-27 VPM-B-35 VPM-BB-45
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  8. High Speed Rotary Tablet Press

    TabXPress-IV designed in an effort to exceed the highest cGMP requirement and to ensure the most economical and efficient tablet production. The new TabXPress -IV features a unique ergonomic design for EASY to Operate, EASY to Fast Changeover, EASY to Clean with minimum down time. The TabXPress Tablet Press is completely separated into three zones i.e. Tablet Compression zone, Machine service zone and Electrical controls zone. The Optional feature of TabXPress-IV machine can provide with Touch Screen Operate Interface with PLC Controls, which is mounted in a separate electric controls cabinet.The TabXPress IV Tablet Press is offered in four different models viz. Tooling 45 STN “D” Type, 55 STN “B” Type, 69 STN “BB” Type, 75 STN “BB” Type.
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  9. Colloid Mill Machine

    A colloid mill is a machine that is used to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, or to reduce the droplet size in emulsions. Colloid mills work on the rotor-stator principle: a rotor turns at high speeds (2000 - 18000 RPM). A high level of hydraulic shear stress is applied on the fluid which results in disrupting and breaking down the structure. Colloid mills are frequently used to increase the stability of suspensions and emulsions, but can also be used to reduce the particle size of solids in suspensions. Higher shear rates lead to smaller droplets, down to approximately 1 μm which are more resistant to emulsion separation.
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  10. Mass Mixer Machine

    Mass Mixer is designed for uniformly mixing of dry and wet material and especially suitable for tablet granulation.The mixer consists of a rigid fabricated structure motor, gear box, mixing drum, stirrer and tilting device. The mixing drum complete with stainless steel body, stirrer and tilting device. The mixing drum complete with stainless steel body, stirrer and sealing arrangement. The drive of mixing paddle is through suitable gear box and motor. The tilting device is provided to make easy the unloading of the material and easy cleaning of the mixing drum. Specially designed self adjusting sealing arrangement of unique design is provided to ensure that no black particle enters into the mixing drum.The material under mixing process can be monitoring through acrylic dust cover and its controls dusting and contaminations. The hinged features allow flexibility of adding solution through cover during in operation. The acrylic dust cover is so interlocked that ensure container is totally closed.
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  11. Dust Extractor Machine

    The Dust Extractor unit is an ideal for controlling dust in process of Tabletting and packing. The unit strongly recommends the use of dust control equipment with all Tablet press and De-duster.The Dust Extractor deals with the light process dust problems and is adaptable for special applications. Dust laden air enters the collector through an expansion chamber, where heavy dust particles are deposited by gravity. The fine dust passes upwards through single large orifice and is finally collected by filter. There is an effective snap action shaking mechanism for shaking filter and dust is deposited into drawer type tray. There is a large door for changing filter bag and cleaning of the machine. The entire unit is on castor wheel to give complete manoeurrability.
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  12. Double Cone Blender

    Blenders are used for mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Food, Chemical, cosmetics, ceramics, pesticide, plastics and other Allied industries
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